Benefits Of Early Orthodontic Treatment

Benefits Of Early Orthodontic Treatment

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According to the American Association of Orthodontists, every child should see an orthodontist by 7 years of age. 

While orthodontic treatment is not always necessary this early, it is the prime time for the adult molars to begin erupting and the bite to become more pronounced. This gives orthodontists a chance to spot red flags that could signal future orthodontic issues may arise. To prevent them - or minimize their impact, interceptive treatment options can be used. 

If you choose to take this step for your child, below are a few of the many benefits of early orthodontic treatment they may receive. 

Early Intervention

One of the biggest benefits of early orthodontic treatment is to find issues early - and intervene before they get worse. Dentists may focus on teeth and gums, but your child’s orthodontist will focus on the growth and development of the mouth and jaw. And correcting issues is so much easier to do while they are still developing. 

By making sure that the teeth and jaws are growing in a way that will align them properly, your child may only require minimal orthodontic treatment in the future - if any at all! 

Minimize the Risk of Bruxism

Bruxism, or teeth grinding, can wear down teeth, putting them at risk for cavities, enamel loss, and tooth decay. It can also lead to jaw issues, face pain, headaches, earaches, and more. Many times, children who grind their teeth do so because their jaw is out of alignment. 

Without early treatment, an unaligned jaw and bruxism can lead to much bigger issues in the future. 

Better Speech

When a child’s teeth or jaw are misaligned, it can lead to speech issues. Speech therapists may be able to work with your child to overcome lisps, slurs, and other speech concerns, but this isn’t addressing the root cause. 

A visit to the orthodontist early can uncover any underlying issues with the teeth or jaw in order to improve speech going forward. Again, this is much easier to do when they are still growing. 

Increased Confidence

Confidence doesn’t just kick in when you are older. Even young kids struggle with their self-confidence. Having crooked teeth, overcrowded teeth, or misalignments can impact the way they feel about what they see when they look in the mirror. 

Investing in early orthodontic treatment for your little one can have a positive impact on the way they view themselves - leading to an increase in confidence. 

Improved Digestion

Healthy digestion is necessary to feel good - and for proper growth and development. Having teeth that are not aligned or too crooked can make chewing foods a challenging task.

By allowing an orthodontist to evaluate your child early, steps can be taken to improve their ability to nourish their body through eating properly.

Early Orthodontic Treatment in Las Cruces

Now that you see the benefits of early orthodontic treatment, it is time to take action - and the experienced team at Las Cruces Orthodontics can help. We will give your child everything necessary for a solid foundation in oral health in order to prevent more serious issues in the future. 

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