Metal Braces in Las Cruces

Metal Braces

Made from stainless steel, metal braces are the most popular type of braces used throughout the country. If you choose metal braces for your treatment plan, Dr. Coombs will utilize the most comfortable and technologically advanced metal braces available. With metal braces, patients may enjoy having different colored elastic ties as a means of personal expression and fun. Your colors can easily be changed at every appointment to coordinate with your outfit, friends, holidays, or whatever you feel in the mood for!

Parts of Metal braces

  • Brackets

    Brackets are the handles on the teeth. The bracket is what moves the tooth into place. A bracket is glued on each tooth. The arch wire fits tightly in a slot in the bracket causing the tooth to move into place over time.

  • Arch wires

    A horse shoe shaped wire, shaped specifically to fit around the teeth and is tied into bracket slots with an elastic tie. Teeth move from the pressure that is applied on the brackets by the arch wires. The arch wire provides a gentle pressure which guides the direction of movement of the teeth.

  • Elastic Ties

    Small elastic ties are used to tie the arch wire into the bracket. These ties come in an assortment of colors allowing for personalization of your braces. You can change your colors at each appointment.

  • Orthodontic Springs

    In some cases springs are placed on the arch wire between brackets. This is done to open space for a tooth to erupt or make room for a tooth to move into place.

  • Elastics

    Elastics are commonly used to correct a bite discrepancy: ie. fix your overbite or under-bite. Elastics are a small rubber band that hooks from the top teeth to the bottom teeth. Elastics are to be worn 24 hrs. a day 7 days a week unless otherwise instructed.

  • Molar Bands

    Molar bands are a small metal band that is fit around your molars. These are used if a molar has a crown on it and a bracket cannot be glued to the tooth. Bands are fit specifically to the tooth and is sealed in with a dental cement. Bands also provide Las Cruces for habit appliances when needed.

  • Separators

    Separators are small blue rubber rings that are placed between your back molars to open space between molars. This is done to allow room for a band to be placed on a molar.