Dr. Coombs and all the staff in their clinic are great. They are all very helpful and they make sure all of your concerns are answered and addressed.
Roberto Pioquinto

They did a great job! Very friendly staff, cool gifts and plenty of supplies to keep your teeth in great condition while wearing the braces!
Cynthia Grosshuesch

Great job! Awesome service!! Extraordinary staff!!!!
Shawny Blakely

I love it here. My teeth look 150% better. THANK YOU!!!!
Madisen Minich

I just finished 2 years of treatment with Las Cruces Smiles Orthodontics and my smile is amazing!!! I didn't used to smile very much before because I didn't like my teeth, now it's hard to get me to stop!!
Hayley Henrikson

Dr. Coombs and his staff are an amazing crew who provide exuberant service and make you feel right at home since day 1. I am thrilled my ortho servies are being take care of by Coombs and his office.
Gloria So

Coombs Orthodontics is awesome! I love that my teeth are finally looking better!
Codi Stroup

Staff are friendly ! And now I'm happy with my smile with straight teeth! 🙂
Zhi Tai

Everyone at the office is professional and friendly. They helped me understand my treatment and how to achieve success with it. I had no idea that my teeth could look this amazing, and I am very grateful to Dr. Coombs and his team.
Kyleigh Pelton

I have had a great experience here. Thanks for your prompt response to our one broken bracket and the ease of scheduling appointments. I also like that you give the kids the tools to be successful with dental hygiene while they have braces.
Scharla Baker

I heard this place about 18 months ago. At first I wasn't too sure about braces, but wanting perfect teeth made me get them. I’m very happy and suggest this place to all my friends.
Rizza Navales

I think this is a great Orthodontist practice! My children loved coming here since day one! The staff are very friendly and helpful when it comes to answering questions and listening.
Victoria Pryor

Loved having braces, now i got straight teeth! Thanks!
Kelton Whetstone

I used to never enjoy smiling, but now I do! Thanks!
Chiante Woods

Excellent care. Well worth having braces. Would recommend Dr Coombs to anyone needing braces. Friendly staff.
Dawn Talbott

I had a class 3 underbite. The first orthodontist I went to said it couldn’t be corrected…. Dr. Coombs proved that WRONG !!
Alyssa Leier

A good experience from start to finish. The people at Coombs are all very friendly sand knowledgeable. I highly recommend them!
Tim Metcalf

Really like Dr. Coombs' services and staff. Everyone in his office is very nice, fast, on time and every professional. Thank you very much!
Anna Saetern

They’re awesome! They always take good care of my two kids. And they’re gentle to all their patients.
Arlene Patao

Amazing service, incredibly helpful, always went above and beyond. I loved getting treated here.
Ashley Price