Does Acceledent Really Work?

Does Acceledent Really Work?

Team Orthodontics

AcceleDent, which is an FDA approved medical device, is designed to make orthodontic treatment go faster. A few months less of wearing braces, even more comfortable Invisalign retainers, is very attractive to most people requiring orthodontic treatment. 

Is AcceleDent Effective?

AcceleDent has been shown to be very effective, with the ability to speed orthodontic treatment by 50 percent for thousands of patients – wearing it for only twenty minutes every day. 

When you wear Invisalign, having AcceleDent to speed up the process is a great idea, because even though Invisalign aligners are the most comfortable choice for straightening your teeth, having the process go faster is still appealing to most patients.

It works with both traditional metal braces and along with the Invisalign process, which involves clear aligner trays which are changed each week at home, drawing from a series of custom aligners created for your teeth. Each time you put a new aligner in your mouth, your teeth are a little bit straighter. Every subsequent tray is designed to move your teeth gradually, so they’re straighter as a result, incrementally. Using gentle pressure on your teeth, they will gradually move into position until they match up with an aligner.

The number of aligner trays each patient wears will vary. But no matter how many alien trays are worn, it’s important to keep them in your mouth for  20-22 hours, which is required daily. If you don’t follow these instructions, your teeth won’t move in the anticipated place. This can then throw off aligner trays and how they fit. Aligners can be removed between 2 and 4 hours every day, for eating and dental hygiene. 

Remember, AcceleDent won’t replace your traditional metal braces, which are worn all the time, 24/7, or aligners, which still need to be worn unless you are eating, drinking a beverage other than water, or brushing and flossing your teeth. 

How Does AcceleDent Work?

AcceleDent is a mouthpiece that you keep at home and use while undergoing the Invisalign process or when wearing metal braces. You only need to use it for twenty minutes every day.

Biting on your AcceleDent mouthpiece, causes SoftPulse technology to emit gentle and carefully calibrated micropulses that work to increase your tooth movement. To use AcceleDent,

after you brush and floss, insert the bite-block, switch the mouthpiece on, and set the timer.

You may feel a tingling sensation at first. You can wear it while doing other activities like watching TV or reading.

After each simple twenty-minute treatment, you just continue wearing your Invisalign aligners as usual. AcceleDent  works in tandem with your aligners for a terrific result. And it's effective for those wearing metal braces, too.

Research on AcceleDent

AcceleDent speeds up orthodontic work. Orthodontia itself works through bone remodeling, which occurs due to the pressure from the orthodontic aligner device, which pushes a tooth into a certain position over time. When this happens, the bone fills in the space previously occupied by the tooth in order to hold the new tooth position. AcceleDent emits micropulses, or tiny vibrations, which accelerates this.

Scientific evidence about the effect of vibrations is statistically strong. Clinical evidence reveals that AcceleDent can increase the speed of tooth movement for many patients. Shorter treatment times as well as less discomfort from teeth straightening makes AcceleDent a recommended part of orthodontic treatment plans for a wide range of patients. 

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