How Much Do Clear Braces Cost in Las Cruces, NM?

How Much Are Clear Braces in Las Cruces, NM?

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The cost of clear braces for adults depends on a number of factors, including the type of treatment needed and the length of time the treatment may be recommended. Just like each person, each mouth is unique, and every teeth straightening need can be a bit different.

But regardless of cost, the results from wearing clear braces can be invaluable: you’ll have a more confident smile, and a healthier mouth, too. In short, your smile is worth the investment. And here in Las Cruces, we promise to make your orthodontic experience as easy, comfortable, and affordable as we can.

What Kinds of Clear Braces Are There?

There are a variety of different kinds of braces, and the type that best fits your needs will be what determines the cost of the total treatment plan and the time involved. The average cost of clear braces varies on both type and the time you need to wear them. 

At Las Cruces Orthodontics, we offer Radiance clear braces, which combine the advantages of traditional metal braces with those of clear plastic aligners. While Invisalign plastic aligners remain the most unnoticeable and comfortable option available, for patients who either prefer braces to removable aligners, Radiance offers a great choice. Clear braces are less noticeable than metal braces, don’t irritate the gums and soft mouth tissues as much as metal braces do. 

In the past, the clear brackets used in clear braces had a reputation for becoming discolored and stained. But, Radiance brackets are made from polished sapphire, making them strong and stain resistant. Translucent, they allow the natural color of your own teeth to show, blending the brackets in more discreetly with your own smile. And while other types of clear braces were more fragile than traditional metal, Radiance is durable, three times more strong in fact, so you can feel secure when wearing them. 

Just like traditional metal braces, Radiance brackets are bonded to your teeth, a wire is threaded through them to push and pull teeth as gently as possible into correct alignment. Adjustments are made about every eight weeks, and you’ll spend an average of 18 months wearing clear braces. 

For patients who can benefit from aligners, we also offer Invisalign® clear aligners, a comfortable, removable, modern solution to teeth straightening. Instead of wires, the Invisalign process uses a series of clear aligners that reposition your teeth. The aligners are shaped from images that are computer-generated and based on a digital scan of your teeth that’s taken by your dentist. These custom trays realign your teeth through gentle pressure rather than wires. They move your teeth into the desired position through the use of trays each shaped for teeth that are just slightly straighter than your teeth. 

How Much Will Braces Cost?

As noted, costs vary because of your needs. And naturally, you’ll want a treatment that feels the most efficient, productive, and comfortable.

Invisalign usually runs between $1800 and $8000 without insurance, and most commonly costs in the $3000 range.

Less noticeable than traditional metal braces, Radiance typically costs more than traditional metal braces, anywhere from $3,800 to $8,000 without insurance. Clear braces tend to be more expensive than metal braces due to the design and material used. 

Deciding which type of braces is right for you and what best fits your budget can be discussed and decided with the help of your dental team, who can also provide excellent financing options. 

Is It Worth Getting Orthodontic Treatment? 

No matter what your age, the answer is a resounding yes. Many adults receive orthodontic treatment, and since many choose discreet options like clear braces or Invisalign aligners. Along with a more attractive smile, braces can make your bite more comfortable, your speech clearer, and good oral health easier to maintain. Once treatment is completed, you’ll have a healthy and confident smile you’ll feel good about. 

Learn More About Options for Clear Braces

Are you ready to learn more about clear braces? For more information on how your dental team can realign your teeth, reach out to us and schedule an appointment! We’re here to help!