Invisalign: Is It an Option for You?

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Traditional metal braces have always served a very important role in having straight and healthy teeth. When your teeth and jaws are not aligned the way they should be, your smile will not look the way you want it to. And furthermore, it can be difficult to floss between teeth that are misaligned, leading to a greater risk for tooth decay and gum disease. So if you realize you need braces, you end up doing it, even if you feel awkward about how they look (and even how they feel). But with Invisalign treatment, you can get all the benefits that you would get with metal braces and eliminate the drawbacks.

Invisalign: Is It an Option for You?


With metal braces, everyone can see that you’re wearing them. This can make you self-conscious, subject you to nosy inquiries, and mar your enjoyment of appearing in photographs. You could end up not even smiling while you wear them rather than highlight the wires and brackets. Well, Invisalign is not made of metal at all. In fact, while it is sometimes referred to as invisible braces, it’s more accurate to call it a system of clear aligners. Each one is fashioned from comfortable plastic that is nearly undetectable to the eye. The world need never know that you’re wearing braces.

Another negative aspect of metal braces is that they can cause discomfort by digging into your gums and you have to observe some food restrictions for fear of getting things caught in your braces. Invisalign doesn’t dig into your gums (remember, it’s plastic) and you take your aligner out when you eat, so you can have any foods that you want. You also take it out to brush and floss. Otherwise, it remains in all day and night, even while you sleep.

Invisalign is made using advanced 3-D computer technology, right here on our premises. Each one is crafted to precision. You will wear from 12 to 48 total aligners as part of your treatment. Each one is worn for about two weeks, playing its part in the proper positioning of your teeth, before being discarded in favor of the next one. With Las Cruces Invisalign treatment, getting straighter teeth has never been easier.