Orthodontist Evaluations

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Orthodontist Evaluations

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Not every smile is a perfect one. Each one is unique to the person and no two smiles look the same.

That being said, though many people tend to associate orthodontic work with meeting cosmetic needs, it is not the main goal of this sort of treatment. Orthodontics are used to correct bites and to help improve overall dental health. Here at Las Cruces Orthodontics, our orthodontist can help you by providing you with complete orthodontic evaluations that you need. We’ll help you determine which methods of treatment may work best in order to meet your specific needs.

Everyone is different and so are their teeth. Because each patient is so unique, no two orthodontic treatments are the same. This is exactly why orthodontics is its own branch of dentistry and why an initial orthodontic evaluation is necessary before moving forward. Our expert orthodontists are here to work with you and to accommodate to your smile’s specific needs. Before moving ahead with any kind of treatment or approving any method of braces treatment, our orthodontist will thoroughly examine your mouth and look at the specific geography of your teeth and their supporting structures. This initial exam will provide our dentists here at Las Cruces Orthodontics with a lot of valuable information and will help them to not only choose the proper method of orthodontic treatment but it will also help them to thoroughly plot out your treatment plan. The plan itself will change and be adjusted depending on your needs and how well you progress along the way, but with a customized blueprint set in place, your orthodontic treatment is more likely to be as successful as it can possibly be.

If you are in need of braces or evaluating your options for braces treatment in Las Cruces, then please feel free to call us here at Las Cruces Orthodontics today. We will work with you and your schedule in order to find an appropriate date and time for you to meet with our orthodontist for a complete evaluation.